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In the event that my/our work is published by the Indian Journal of Child Health, I/we hereby undertake that:

I/we believe the manuscript represents valid work and I/we certify that I/we have participated sufficiently in the intellectual content, conception and design or the analysis and interpretation of the data (when applicable), as well as the writing of the manuscript. Neither this manuscript nor one with substantially similar content under my/our authorship has been published previously or is under consideration for publication elsewhere either in printed or electronic form.

I/we will provide or cooperate in obtaining the data/information on which the manuscript is based for examination by the editors or their assignees, if requested by the editors. I/we have taken all the necessary permissions from our institution and/or the department for conducting and publishing the present work. Also, the article does not violate any existing copyright or other third party right and to the best of my/our knowledge this article does not infringe the rights of others.

There are no financial interests, direct or indirect, as disclosed in the cover letter.

I/we hereby transfer, assign, or otherwise convey all the copyright ownership exclusively to the Journal. The Indian Journal of Child Health shall own the work, including 1) copyright; 2) republishing the article in whole or in part, with or without fee; 3) producing preprints or reprints and translate into languages other than English for sale or free distribution; and 4) to republish the work in a collection of articles in any other print or electronic form.

All the persons who have made substantial contributions to the present work, but who are not the contributors, are named in the Acknowledgment and have given me/us their written permission to be named.

I/we will indemnify the Atharva Scientific Publications and Editors all the claims and expenses (including legal costs and expenses) arising from any breach of the above information on my/our behalf.

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