Hygiene and health: Effects, experiences, and expertise of “Clean India Campaign” from a tertiary care hospital

  • Col. Sunil Jain
  • Col. Rajeev Kumar Thapar


Background: The current happenings in the country for the good should be of importance in the crucial places and the critical
phases of life, i.e., hospitals and during hospitalization, even for normal life processes. The current “Clean India Campaign” is
a catalyst for hospitals for improvements in hygiene. Objective: The objective of this study is to define and describe the impact
of multifaceted infection control and hygienic practices by all on hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) in the pediatric age group.
Materials and Methods: Implementation of multifaceted infection control policies was ensured along with the health education
for hygienic practices by all, including attendants of patients and patients when possible. These were rigorously enforced with
the renewed enthusiasm since the launch of “Clean India Campaign” from January 2015. The setting was “Paediatric Wing” of a
tertiary care hospital catering to a large army cantonment, and also, referred cases. The outcome measures were the incidence of
HAIs. Results: The incidence rate of HAIs was 2.91% (July 2013-December 2014) and declined to 1.59% (January 2015-June
2016) (relative risk: 0.547, 95% confidence interval: 0.409-0.733; p=0.0001). The most significant decline in HAI in our study
has been in that of gastrointestinal infections (RR: 0.428%, 95% CI: 0.241-0.761; p=0.0034). Overall, the results of preventive
actions were rewarding (RR: 0.547, 95% CI: 0.409-0.733; p=0.0001). Conclusion: The mission “Clean India Campaign” and the
WHO’s vision “clean care is safer care” lead to prevention and reduction of HAIs. Implementation of multifaceted infection control
interventions is impactful. Hygienic practices teaching should be for both caregivers and caretakers.

Keywords: Children, Hygiene, Hospital-acquired infections, Prevention
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