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Instructions to Reviewers:

All materials are submitted to IJCH are confidential. The paper or any part of it should not be distributed, shared, used or otherwise supplied to third parties prior to publication.

Inform the Editor, if you have any conflict of interest in reviewing the paper.
Please respond within the allotted time so that we can give the authors timely responses and feedback.

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Area of Interest:
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Overall Evaluation: Enter rating in the bracket - [ ]

1. Accept, no modification required.
2. Accept after minor revisions.
3. I would like to reassess, major revisions required.
4. Reject, but can be considered for second peer review after a major revision.
5. Reject, serious flaws in study or not suitable for publication.

Evaluation Criteria:

Please provide a numeric rating on a 10-point scale (1 - poor and 10 - good) for each evaluation item, along with a brief rationale for each 5-lesspoint rating. Alternatively, comments or suggestions can be inserted into the text also.

Specific Comments or Suggestions: (In addition to the reviewer comments inserted into the text of the article)

Comments to editors (not to be shown to the authors):

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