Effect of replacement therapy on clinical symptoms in patients with vitamin D deficiency

  • Kamal Abdul Naser
  • Basheer Abdel Rahman
  • Humaira Alam
  • Muhammad Asim Rana
  • Sameer Akbar


Background: 25(OH) D is an important component for human health. Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide problem. Previous epidemiological studies have shown the association of this deficiency with development of other chronic disease that also increase the morbidity. So early detection of deficiency helps to plan intervention and treatment to avoid morbidity. Objective: To evaluate the association of vitamin D deficiency in individuals suffering with chronic diseases and the effect of replacement therapy on the clinical symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Method: This study analyzed a total of 115 patients visiting the Diabetes and Endocrine Research Centre. Factors such as age, gender, duration of sun exposure and body parts exposed to sunshine were studied. The data was recorded on a questionnaire performa. Patients with 25(OH) D levels below 30ng/ml were considered to have insufficient levels. 48 patients who agreed for treatment were given standard loading and maintenance dose of vitamin D. 31 Patients reported back after 3 months of maintenance dose treatment. Results: The mean age of patients was 47.82±13.86 years. Duration of sunshine exposure was significantly low with p-value of 0.005. In our study, 112/115(97.3%) patients were found to have 25(OH) D level below 30ng/ml and 41/115 (21.5%) were severely deficient. 48(41%) patients agreed for replacement therapy. However, only 31 reported back with vitamin D level. In comparison to pretreatment records, there was significant improvement in vitamin D levels after 3 months of treatment. There was improvement with symptoms such as lethargy which improved in 11/17, whereas depression and body aches improved in 12/19 and 16/26 patients respectively. Conclusion: It is important to recognize the deficiency of vitamin D level in patient suffering from chronic diseases in order to avoid other co morbidities. So, this study can help to make policy in future about which population needs to be screened and what preventive precautions can be taken.

Keywords: Cholecalciferol, chronic diseases, vitamin D3, vitamin D deficiency
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