Association of cord blood and maternal lipid profiles

  • Nita Mariam Abraham
  • Satish Korah Kuruvilla
  • Manikandan S
  • Lalitha Krishnan


Objectives: The objectives of this study were to study the cord blood lipid profile in neonates in relation to maternal preconceptional body mass index (BMI), maternal glucose intolerance, maternal lipid profile, family history of metabolic syndrome, intrauterine fetal growth, and birth weight of baby. Methodology: It was a prospective cohort study and was carried out in Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences over a period of 1 year. The sample size estimated was 150 mother-infant pairs. Informed consent was obtained from mothers fulfilling the criteria and a structured pro forma was filled with details of the mother and baby. Samples were drawn for the determination of lipid profile of the baby and mothers. Independent t-test was used to compare the lipid profile parameters in mother and in cord blood. p<0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: A total of 150 babies and mothers were included in the study. 78 (52%) were male and 72 (48%) were female. The mean birth weight of babies was 3009±0.391 g; 133 (89%) were appropriate for gestational age, and 17 (11%) were small for gestation. Among the mothers, 36 (24%) had gestational diabetes, 18 (12%) were obese, and 86 (58%) women had family history of diabetes, dyslipidemia, or hypertension. No statistically significant difference was noted in the cord lipids of babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes (p=0.033). Comparison of lipid values with gestational maturity did not reveal any statistical significance (p=0.24). High-density lipoprotein was significantly low for low birth weight babies compared to normal weight babies (p=0.03). Positive family history did not show any statistically significant difference in the lipids of the baby. BMI of the mother did not show any significant effect on the cord lipids. Conclusion: There was no association of cord blood and maternal lipid profiles. BMI of the mother did not show any significant effect on the cord blood lipids. Maternal gestational diabetes, family history of hypertension, diabetes, or dyslipidemia had no effect on the cord blood lipids.

Keywords: Body mass index, Gestational diabetes mellitus, High-density lipoprotein, Lipid profile, Neonate
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