Schools as opportunity for oral health promotion: Existing status in India

  • Puneet Chahar
  • Meena Jain
  • Ankur Sharma
  • Nisha Yadav
  • Parul Mutneja
  • Vishal Jain


Childhood is a significant stage in people’s lives where they are more receptive toward behavior shaping; thus, schools have been
considered important foundation in addressing the health and social issues. School oral health education programs have produced
affirmative results in improving the overall health of the child. The aim of the current review was to explore the history of school
health, models of school health and existing efforts of School Oral Health Programs (SOHP) in India. The review identified
five existing SOHP (Indian Dental Association - Colgate’s “Young India” Bright Smiles, Bright Futures, Chacha Nehru Sehat
Yojna - School health scheme [Government of Delhi], Neev - SOHP, Intensive Dental Health Care Program - Punjab, Trinity Care
Foundation - Bengaluru, National Oral Health Program, AIIMS) which is either running or proposed. It is recommended that the
upcoming SOHP should be crafted on the existing evidence-based guidelines and theoretical models of school health. Prompt
execution of proposed programs should be the priority to target the optimum oral health of the children.

Keywords: India, Models of school health, Oral health promotion, School oral health
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