Congenital varicella syndrome in a neonate

  • Nirmala Cherukuri
  • Swapna Lingaldinna
  • Sadiqua Anjum
  • Himabindu Singh


Congenital varicella syndrome is an extremely rare disorder occurring in <2% of the babies born to women infected with varicella between 7 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. The characteristic symptoms consist of skin lesions in a dermatomal distribution, neurological defects, eye diseases, and skeletal anomalies. We present a case of a newborn male baby who was shifted to neonatal intensive care unit.

Keywords: Congenital varicella syndrome, hypoplastic limb, neonate
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Cherukuri, N., Lingaldinna, S., Anjum, S., & Singh, H. (&nbsp;). Congenital varicella syndrome in a neonate. Indian Journal of Child Health, 6(3), 142-143.
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