Pain abdomen in a child - An uncommon cause

  • Varun Alwadhi
  • Aashima Dabas
  • Anju Aggarwal
  • M M A Faridi


Diagnosis, identification of underlying etiology and management of pain abdomen, remains difficult. Tumors presenting as abdominal pain are rare in children. We report a case of 11-year old boy presenting with pain abdomen. On examination, he had a lump in left hypochondrium. Gastrointestinal tumors constitute about 12% of abdominal masses, 2% of which are pancreatic tumors. He underwent laparotomy was diagnosed as desmoplastic small round cell tumor in the pancreas. This report presents an uncommon cause of a common pediatric problem.

Keywords: Desmoplastic small round cell tumor, Diagnosis, Outcomes, Pancreas
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Alwadhi, V., Dabas, A., Aggarwal, A., & Faridi, M. M. A. (2017). Pain abdomen in a child - An uncommon cause. Indian Journal of Child Health, 3(4), 351-352. Retrieved from
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