Vaccination in preterm infants: An Indian prospective

  • Tanushree Sahoo
  • Krishna Mohan Gulla
  • Sanjay Verma


Although available literature on vaccination in preterm infants supports timely vaccination without any correction for birth weight or gestation, a delay is still noted. Unfortunately, this group often suffers from various vaccine-preventable diseases with increased severity, especially in lower-middle-income countries. All this could be attributed to unavailability of robust evidence and clear guidelines related to vaccination. A current review article summarizes the available evidence on the use of these vaccines, their immune response, common myths and facts about vaccination in preterm infants in the Indian context. Authors conclude that the vaccines in preterm infants are equally safe, effective, and immunogenic as compared to full-term infants; hence, they should be vaccinated following the same schedule as of their counterparts who born full term. Only exception to this is hepatitis B vaccine, where additional doses should be administered to infants with weight <2000 g, apart from the birth dose.

Keywords: Immunization, Low birth weight, Neonate, Premature, Preterm, Vaccination, Vaccine
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