A case of typhoidal sacroiliitis

  • Garyll Ryan Tariang Blah
  • Pulin Kumar Gupta
  • Ramesh C Meena
  • Priyanka K Gedam
  • Bhumi Agarwal


Sacroiliitis caused by Salmonella typhi is an unusual occurrence. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the usual culprit in our country. We report this case of a 17-year-old young boy who presented with high-grade fever and hip pain. Imaging revealed sacroiliitis and culture grew Salmonella typhi. The patient was treated with parenteral antibiotics and later continued on oral antibiotics.

Keywords: Antibiotics, Sacroiliitis, Salmonella typhi.
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Blah, G. R. T., Gupta, P., Meena, R. C., Gedam, P. K., & Agarwal, B. ( ). A case of typhoidal sacroiliitis. Indian Journal of Case Reports, 5(4), 338-340. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.32677/IJCR.2019.v05.i04.014
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