Wilson’s disease presenting as resistant rickets without Fanconi syndrome

  • Bhavin Patel
  • Vijay Sardana


Wilson’s disease is a disorder of copper metabolism which usually presents with neurological or hepatic manifestation. Wilson’s disease presenting as a musculoskeletal disorder is rare. We are reporting the case of a 12-year-old male boy presented with resistant rickets followed by dysarthria. The patient was diagnosed as having Wilson’s disease based on Kayser–Fleischer ring on examination, high 24 h urinary copper level, and magnetic resonance imaging brain changes. This case highlights that in the case of resistant rickets, a high index of suspicion for Wilson’s disease should be kept. Early recognition of this entity results in timely treatment and prevention of significant disability.

Keywords: Arthropathic manifestation, Dysarthria, Resistant rickets, Wilson’s disease
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Patel, B., & Sardana, V. ( ). Wilson’s disease presenting as resistant rickets without Fanconi syndrome. Indian Journal of Case Reports, 6(2), 90-92. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.32677/IJCR.2020.v06.i02.016
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