Management of Radicular Cyst: A Clinical Case Report

  • Anshika Khare
  • Ashwini Dayma


A radicular cyst defined as a cyst of inflammatory origin arises from epithelial rests of malassez in periodontal ligament due to inflammation of the dental pulp. The cyst begins with carious tooth and further involved periapical and periodontal region. Majority of these lesions engross the whole apex and appear as precise radiolucencies. The cystic lesion lined with the epithelium, which filled with fluid; therefore, they generally referred to as a true cyst. Various mode of treatment available for radicular cyst management including surgical and no-surgical procedures, in this case report we present surgical management of radicular cyst followed by root canal treatment. 

Keywords: Radicular cyst, root canal, transposition , inflammatory odontogenic cysts
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