Macrosomia due to maternal obesity: A case report

  • Rajkumar M Meshram
  • Poonam Thakur
  • Balaji Bhise
  • Amruta Phatak


Macrosomia, birth weight >4000 g is said to occur in <10% of the pregnancies and is associated with morbidity and mortality in both mother and baby. Although it is more common in diabetic mother, it is also associated with maternal obesity and high-body mass index. We describe the case of near-term male neonate who was delivered by cesarean section and birth weight was 5000 g who developed hypoglycemia and hyperbilirubinemia which was treated successfully.

Keywords: Birth weight, Macrosomia, Maternal obesity, Neonate
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Meshram, R., Thakur, P., Bhise, B., & Phatak, A. (2017). Macrosomia due to maternal obesity: A case report. Indian Journal of Child Health, 4(4), 635-636. Retrieved from
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