Familial Congenital Digital Clubbing - Report of Two Siblings

  • Dillip Kumar Das
  • Suprabha Shukla


Digital clubbing can be a striking physical finding. Etiology of clubbing in most of the time is secondary to some
systemic illness. Familial clubbing is a rare occurrence and incidence or prevalence of such occurrence is not
known. We are presenting two cases (brother and sister) with digital clubbing in all the four limbs. Systemic
examination and laboratory investigation were normal. Parents were assured about the benign nature of the disease and the children were kept under regular follow up.

Keywords: Digital clubbing, Idiopathic, Familial
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Das D, Shukla S. Familial Congenital Digital Clubbing - Report of Two Siblings. Indian Journal of Child Health [Internet]. 29Nov.2017 [cited 1Apr.2020];1(1):19-1. Available from: https://atharvapub.net/IJCH/article/view/662
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