Perinatal testicular torsion - Not an uncommon entity

  • Muhammed Rafi
  • P M C Nair
  • Jemila James
  • Anand N
  • Mathan P George
  • Ashrin AN


Perinatal testicular torsion is a rare condition with an incidence of 1 in 7500 live births. 70% are prenatal and 30% postnatal. Postnatal torsion presents as an acute scrotum, whereas prenatal torsion may be usually missed as it is a non-tender hard mass. Management of prenatal torsion is controversial. We are reporting three such case series presenting within a period of 1 year. Prenatal testicular torsion is usually missed as it is asymptomatic and later presents as cryptorchid. Careful postnatal physical examination and documentation is essential, as a missed case can later present as cryptorchid and may lead to medicolegal issues. In torsion in the immediate perinatal period, the testis may be salvaged if promptly operated.

Keywords: Perinatal, Prenatal, Testicular, Torsion
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