Endometrial ossification: A rare occurrence with review of literature

  • Ruchi Sinha
  • Iffat Jamal
  • Shuchismita -


Endometrial ossification is a rare occurrence seen in reproductive age group. Patients usually present with complaints of menorrhagia and secondary infertility. We report a case of endometrial ossification in a 28-year-old female who presented with abdominal pain and menorrhagia. On transvaginal ultrasonography, a hyperechoic area within the uterine cavity, suggestive of an intrauterine foreign body was noted. Histopathological examination of the endometrial curettage showed bony spicules with chronic inflammatory cell infiltration.

Keywords: Bony, Endometrial, Infertiltiy, Menorrhagia, Ossification, Spicules
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