Multifaceted chikungunya infection in infants - A case series

  • Hemlata Singh
  • Shivani Deswal
  • Dheeraj Bahl
  • TP Yadav


Chikungunya is an epidemic viral disease. It is known to cause explosive outbreaks after disappearing for several years. The
clinical manifestations among infants are entirely different as compared to adults and older children. It can go undiagnosed in the
garb of sepsis unless strong clinical suspicion is present. We report a series of infants presenting with neurological, circulatory, and
cutaneous manifestations.

Keywords: Chikungunya, Infants, Meningoencephalitis, Transaminitis
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Singh, H., Deswal, S., Bahl, D., & Yadav, T. (2017). Multifaceted chikungunya infection in infants - A case series. Indian Journal of Case Reports, 3(4), 192-194. Retrieved from
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