Primary peritoneal clear cell carcinoma - A diagnostic dilemma

  • Deepti Agarwal
  • Milan Jaiswal


Peritoneum is a site for both primary and secondary tumors. Clear cell carcinoma of the peritoneum is an extremely rare primary
tumor. The diagnosis of primary peritoneal tumors is based on the gynecology oncology group criteria, originally described for
primary adenocarcinoma of the peritoneum. A 55-year-old female presented with non-specific pain in the lower abdomen of 1-month
duration. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography findings of the abdomen were suggestive of suspected neoplastic mass most
likely arising from the left ovary. Pre-operative serum cancer antigen-125 levels were 252 U/ml. Upon exploratory laparotomy, a
hard nodular mass appearing to arise from anterior abdominal wall (15 × 12 cm) was found in the left iliac fossa. Histopathological
diagnosis of primary peritoneal clear cell carcinoma was made and immunohistochemistry was performed for confirmation.

Keywords: Cancer antigen-125, Clear cell carcinoma, Immunohistochemistry (estrogen receptors, cytokeratin-7), Primary peritoneal carcinoma
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