About the Site

Atharva Scientific Publications is a medical and scientific publishing house of print and online journals as well as books. Atharva Scientific Publications is dedicated to the global dissemination of high quality information to serve the needs of medical and scientific communities worldwide. We provide a perfect platform to the authors looking for a high quality, comprehensive publishing program with expertise of publishing professionals. The open access journals published by Atharva Scientific Publications are international, peer-reviewed journals promoting rapid exchange of scientific information among world’s academic community. We intend to publish scientific excellence and innovation in broad specialties of medicine as well as other scientific fields such as veterinary, pharmacy, dentistry, biological and Engineering. We aim to maintain the highest standards of quality by different journals published by us by working closely with concerned editors and authors.

Key Features:

  • Personalized and comprehensive approach to the publishing process
  • Hybrid publishing models (Print as well as Open Access)
  • High-quality publications guided by international experts
  • Rigorous, fair, transparent and effective external peer- review
  • High visibility and discoverability of published content

About this Publishing System

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